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Links to cool, neat, and/or comfy places
I find on the internet will go here.

The Post Office (Afternoon): http://afternoon.dynu.com/index.html
A neat little site I found while lurking around 8ch.
Makes me feel rather at ease with its small community.
The boards there are a little slow, but that doesn't matter much to me.
Hell, they even have an IRC channel.

Cave Story Tribute Site: http://cavestory.org/
Houses a fairly decent sized community dedicated(?) to a game
I used to play before I got addicted to Minecraft.
The forums got infected with a mild case of the Memes.

N0xid's Site: http://www.noxid.ca/
A cool dude with a cool website. Also MIDIs.
Writes the Booster's Lab program, used to mod Cave Story.
He'll probably yell at me if he sees this here, if he bothers to check.


Neat Projects:

SSHChan: http://neetco.de/chibi/sshchan
A textboard you can access through SSH!

Kareha/Wakaba: http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/web/wakaba_kareha
Textboard and Imageboard software!
What the BBS runs on.