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38687 No.1   [Reply]

Given that the textboard is pretty much unusable right now (besides the Admin panel) I'll just repost everything in this thread and add onto it.

>> No.2  

Very Old Entries


~March 9th, 2016~

-Added Works page.
-Updated the hyperlinks on each of the main pages.
-Added more to the Links page.
-Added BBS.


~March 8th, 2016~

-Added the page you are viewing right now.
-Added Links and BBS (temporary, the BBS will have its own directory) pages.
-Added more to the About page.
-Updated Home, this isn't a meme site so no bones here.
**Donation page coming eventually, may probably not even be added.
**BBS at some point, maybe.
--I should really change the ascii art to something that looks better
on devices that don't have the Courier New font. Plus I really, really
don't want to use an image. Mainly because I really like the Web 1.0 feel
of text based websites, I find them rather comfy (and they load so much faster!).
--BBS page was almost 666 bytes when writing, dangers avoided.
--About time I came around to doing this.
--I actually started this yesterday, actually.


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>> No.3  

~April 13th, 2016~

-Added donate page.
-moved changelog.
-also changed the email on the landing page.

May 16th, 2016

We now have a pastebin running ZeroBin. https://tale-zero.xyz/paste/

Will edit home.html with a link to it either today or tomorrow.

Information on ZeroBin: http://sebsauvage.net/wiki/doku.php?id=php:zerobin

>> No.4  

(There was some stuff before this, but it is pretty much gone now.)

December 17th, 2016

Silently installed h5ai awhile back.
Also there is now 1 smol ad on this page, at the bottom.

Clean up HTML.
Update more often.
Update the donations page.

>> No.5  

New Entries Past this line of text.


Moved the broken textboard to _bbs, replaced it with the page you're on right now.
Make the rest of the site look better because it really needs it.
Make a green variant of the Gurochan CSS at some point in the future.
Stop being lazy.

>> No.6  

I also forgot to mention that I got rid of h5ai a few days ago because it was breaking some things. Might reinstall it soon.

>> No.7  

Pastebin updated. https://tale-zero.xyz/paste/

I wanted to use a more recent paste so I migrated from Zerobin to a fork called Privatebin. Your pastes should still be there and working.

File: 1499350573917.png -(6811 B, 183x167) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
6811 No.1   [Reply]

I accidentally the old BBS so here's an imageboard instead.

>> No.2  

Basically the old textboard died after my host decided to disable scripts for some reason after they did some maintenance. So yeah, enjoy.

>> No.3  

If the old board somehow manages to fix itself you can still check for it at https://tale-zero.xyz/_bbs/

>> No.4  

But the lesson I have learned is that I should make more frequent backups.

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